Opinion & Analysis

Climate change and food systems adaptation: Building roads through Rome

By Koen Dekeyser, Francesco Rampa

Food systems are a leading cause of climate change as they emit up to 37% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, climate change is impacting food systems worldwide. Therefore, the time for adaptation of the climate-food nexus is now. Koen Dekeyser and Francesco Rampa look at what role the Rome-based Agencies (RBAs) play in supporting food systems transformations and how to strengthen the RBAs’ integration into the food-climate nexus.


The Rome-based Agencies (RBAs) play a vital role in supporting food systems transformations and providing governments, institutions and communities with assistance in food system adaptation. To strengthen the RBAs’ integration into the food-climate nexus, this brief presents three possibilities at the country and global level:

1) The RBAs can play a stronger role in capacity sharing and providing technical support for country-level adaptation plans and implementation;
2) The RBAs should create a unified narrative around the food-climate nexus and advance this narrative during the global policy milestones in the coming year; and
3) European and African member states can push the RBAs to create a joint work programme on the food-climate nexus.

In addition, this brief provides ideas on collaboration, governance and strategies that can strengthen the coordination between Africa and Europe with the RBAs and discuss how the food-climate nexus and the role of the RBAs can be advanced at upcoming high-level policy events.

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