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[Paper Series] Policy Insight | Avoiding the Main Risks in the Recovery Plans of Member States

This is the first of a series of reports dedicated to the preparation and implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility of the EU. It sets out some of the main risks to the success of the recovery programmes, such as a lack of focus and mistargeting, maintaining unsustainable sectors, delays in implementation, and the lack of both a European dimension and the capacity to implement such a complex programme over and above the normal EU budget.

These risks can be mitigated or avoided, however. The report also presents a number of solutions to ensure that aspects critical to the recovery programmes – and the key objective of longer-term resilience – are implemented. It highlights the necessity for serious structural reforms in member states, better management and control systems at EU level, well-designed active labour market policies, and a clear framework for public private partnerships to ensure that they are used more effectively.

Download the full report here

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