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The Largest 50 Beneficiaries in each EU Member State of CAP and Cohesion Funds

Based on an analysis of more than 12 million beneficiaries of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funds in 2018-19, and approximately 600,000 beneficiaries of Cohesion Policy funds between 2014 and 2020, this report identifies the biggest direct and ultimate beneficiaries of these EU funds. The results of an assessment of nearly 300 systems for the public disclosure of CAP and Cohesion Policy fund beneficiaries are also covered in the report, which offers recommendations to enhance the public disclosure of the beneficiaries of EU funds.

This study was prepared at the request of the CONT committee the European Parliament, by CEPS authors Willem Pieter De Groen, Roberto Musmeci, Damir Gojsic and Jorge Núñez Ferrer, and Daina Belicka of CSE COE.

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Annex I. Top beneficiaries CAP 2018

Annex II. Top beneficiaries CAP 2019

Annex III. Top beneficiaries Cohesion Policy 2014-2020