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Top 5 likely effects of Brexit on EU’s policies by D.P. Frantescu

With the perspective of the Brexit referendum looming ahead, many analyses that show the impact of this move on the economy in both the UK and the rest of the EU are published. Our analysis takes a different angle, looking at how the direction of the EU policies is likely to change in the absence of the UK representatives from the EU decision-making bodies. In short, if UK leaves the EU, this will change substantially the dynamics in the EU institutions. A Council of 27 members and a European Parliament lacking the British MEPs would see a substantial shift in the balance of power in favour of the pro-social/interventionist political forces, i.e. those who push for stronger intervention of the state in the economy and the redistribution of income. On the other hand, the forces that support free market, less red tape and a more competitive Europe would suffer a substantial blow.