How the Chinese Communist Party sees China’s place in the world

In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Nadège Rolland, Jude Blanchette, and Charles Edel join Chris Farnham to explore how China views its place in the world.

In the latest episode of the National Security Podcast, Chris Farnham speaks with Nadège Rolland of the National Bureau of Asian Research and Jude Blanchette and Charles Edel of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies on how the Chinese Communist Party thinks about itself and China’s place in the world. The discussion also covers how Chinese strategic thinking differs from traditional Western concepts, the challenges for outsiders in understanding China, and the direction the country is likely to take in the years ahead.

Nadège Rolland is Senior Fellow for Political and Security Affairs at NBR, the National Bureau of Asian Research, and a Nonresident Fellow at the Lowy Institute.

Jude Blanchette holds the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Charles Edel is the inaugural Australia Chair and a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Chris Farnham is the Senior Outreach and Policy Officer at the ANU National Security College.

‘How China Exports Authoritarism’ by Charles Edel and David O Shullman is available on Foreign Affairs.

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