The great reset? How the EU and the UK can rethink their cooperation on foreign policy with David Lidington

In this second episode of our new mini-series, Mark Leonard and Susi Dennison talk to David Lidington about the potential for a great reset in UK-EU relations.

War has returned to the European continent, putting many previous divisions into perspective. This has caused European leaders to think afresh about their politics – and raised the question of the United Kingdom’s role in European foreign policy.Seven years after the Brexit referendum, the EU and the UK have finally resolved some of their differences through the Windsor Framework.The possibility of a reset between the UK and the EU on foreign policy could be on the horizon. In this year’s mini-series, Mark Leonard and Susi Dennison examine what a reimagined EU-UK relationship might look like.

In this second episode, Mark and Susi welcome David Lidington, who was the United Kingdom’s longest serving minister for European affairs between 2010 and 2016 to discuss what this renewal of relations might look like. How can the Conservative and Labour parties ensure a constructive and forward-looking approach to the UK’s relationship with the EU? Can bilateral relationships complement engagement with Brussels in navigating the UK’s position in Europe?

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