Press Release: PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with Ifri – The French Institute of International Relations


PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with Ifri – The French Institute of International Relations.

Brussels 1.12.2023. PubAffairs Bruxelles is announcing the official start of an editorial partnership with Ifri – Institut français des relations internationales.

PubAffairs Bruxelles is pleased to announce that it has officially entered into an editorial partnership with Ifri, a leading think tank researching international governance-related questions. Ifri fosters public debate among political and economic decision-makers, academics, opinion leaders and civil society representatives. Moreover, Ifri’s activities favour analysis and foresight concerning European and international affairs, and they adopt a multidisciplinary approach that takes local, national and global perspectives into consideration.

Ifri’s publications will be featured in the Opinion & Analysis section of the PubAffairs’ website, conceived to enable readers to further their knowledge of cutting-edge issues discussed across Europe and the globe. Ifri’s activities therefore add a fruitful component, with research on energy, the climate, security, regional political developments, including Franco-German relations, and geopolitical topics emerging from North America, Asia, Africa and the wider Middle East. As a leading independent research institution, Ifri’s work is reflected in its various digital collections as well as in top publications such as Politique Étrangère, France’s oldest quarterly journal on international relations, and its annual report RAMSES.

“Founded in 1979, Ifri has established itself as the leading French institute for research and debate on international relations on a European and global scale. Through its activities, it provides reference and guidance for the European and global public debate on international governance. For these reasons, PubAffairs Bruxelles is delighted and honoured to collaborate with Ifri as an editorial partner.” – Massimiliano Gobbato, Communications Director, PubAffairs Bruxelles.

 “Ifri is delighted to have a selection of its publications featured by PubAffairs Bruxelles. It is a great opportunity to share analysis and ideas with a broad audience interested in European and global affairs.” – Marc Hecker, Director of Research and Communications, Ifri.

Along with its daily updates covering the most important aspects of EU policymaking, PubAffairs Bruxelles’ community of practitioners, experts and active citizens will continue to benefit from its website and the Opinion & Analysis section, which features a wide range of policy areas from the economy, finance, digitalisation, energy, climate and trade to better regulation, foreign policy and the European integration process at large.

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