Press Release: PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with Project Syndicate.


PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with Project Syndicate.

Brussels, 17.07.2023. PubAffairs Bruxelles is delighted to announce that it has officially entered into an editorial partnership with Project Syndicate. Project Syndicate is the world’s largest provider of original, quality commentary, with roughly 100 contributions per month and more than 500 media outlets in 158 countries. Featuring exclusive contributions from prominent political leaders, policymakers, academics, business leaders, and civil society activists from every corner of the globe, PS provides readers with analysis and insights they can find nowhere else.

As the world rapidly evolves, it is increasingly important to not only focus on public debates at EU level and within member states but also to expand our perspective on how global challenges are perceived beyond the European continent. Recognising this necessity will  greatly contribute to fostering open discussions on common challenges across nations and continents. This partnership between PubAffairs Bruxelles and Project Syndicate reflects a shared commitment to providing in-depth insights into pivotal global policy issues across a range of important topics, such as sustainable development, economics, finance, trade, geopolitics and human rights, among others.

Project Syndicate will contribute to the Opinion and Analysis section of PubAffairs’ website, which was conceived to enable readers to go deeper into cutting-edge matters discussed across Europe and beyond. To this end, PS –The World’s Opinion Page will provide readers with outstanding publications.

“We are thrilled to enter into this editorial partnership with Project Syndicate. Their commitment to providing high-quality, insightful commentary from a diverse range of voices aligns perfectly with our mission to foster understanding, transparency, and participation in the work of the European Union from a global perspective. We look forward to sharing their publications with our community of readers.” – Massimiliano Gobbato, Communication Director, PubAffairs Bruxelles

“As a non-profit media organization dedicated to ensuring the world has access to its greatest minds, we are delighted to work with PubAffairs Bruxelles to bring our commentaries to PubAffairs readers and members.” – Nicolas Chatara-Morse, CEO at Project Syndicate

Along with daily updates on the most relevant EU institutional and EU-related media news covering the most important aspects of EU policymaking, PubAffairs Bruxelles’ cross-sectorial network of practitioners, experts, and active citizens will now benefit from Project Syndicate’s insights into what prominent political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders and civic activists from around the world think.

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