Press Release: PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with SWP – The German Institute for International and Security Affairs


PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with SWP – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs).

Brussels 20.12.2023. PubAffairs Bruxelles is pleased to announce that it has officially entered into an editorial partnership with SWP, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, an independent research institute that advises the German government and parliament on questions of foreign and security policy on the basis of their own research. SWP’s research is policy-orientated, with a main objective focused on supplying their expertise to the policy and decision-making processes of the German government, as well as of European and international institutions. SWP acts as a forum for exchange and communication between researchers and politicians, where issues and ideas can be discussed freely. 

SWP’s publications will be featured in the Opinion & Analysis section of PubAffairs’ website, conceived to enable readers to further their knowledge of cutting-edge issues discussed across Europe and globally. SWP’s publications will further enhance this section as their main research divisions cover policy topics related to Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the wider Middle East, as well as regarding international security and global issues. 

“Acting as one of the leading German think tanks since its establishment in 1962, SWP offers insightful and varied researches and perspectives on a broad range of topics. These analyses can then inform and advise decision-makers, often those working in the European Union, NATO and the United Nations. For this reason, PubAffairs Bruxelles welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with SWP as an Editorial Partner” – Massimiliano Gobbato, Communications Director, PubAffairs Bruxelles. 

“We are delighted that PubAffairs Bruxelles will be presenting a selection of our research findings and analyses. This will be an excellent opportunity to share publications on relevant foreign and security policy developments with a growing audience interested in European and global affairs.” – Kerstin Skork, Head of Communications, SWP.

Along with its daily updates covering the most important aspects of EU policymaking, PubAffairs Bruxelles’ community of practitioners, experts and active citizens will continue to benefit from its website and the Opinion & Analysis section, which features a wide range of policy areas from the economy, finance, digitalisation, energy, climate and trade to better regulation, foreign policy and the European integration process at large.

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