PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with CEPS, the Centre for European Policy Studies


PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with CEPS, Centre for European Policy Studies

Brussels, 5th June. PubAffairs Bruxelles is pleased to announce that, as a result of a long-standing friendly and collaborative relationship, it has officially entered into an editorial partnership with the Centre for European Policy Studies – CEPS. CEPS is a leading Brussels-based think tank dedicated to research and policy recommendations on EU policies with an exceptionally strong in-house research capacity and an extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world.

Deepening this collaboration with CEPS upholds PubAffairs’ fundamental principle of representing the whole range of players concerned with  EU policymaking by expanding the participation of think tanks, academics, and researchers. Against the backdrop of the current evolutionary international context, this editorial partnership aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of EU policy questions by bringing together the expertise of CEPS and the activities of PubAffairs Bruxelles.

Indeed, the numerous policy questions which have emerged in the last decade have led the European Union to re-evaluate its policies and rethink its approach to the world while compelling European institutions to take multiple concurrent pivotal decisions. In times like these, the expertise and insights found in CEPS’ research are valuable tools for those seeking a deeper understanding of the challenges presently facing the European Union and the international system as a whole.

“Today more than ever, from where we stand as Europeans, the need for informed dialogue and rigorous analysis on European policies is paramount. At PubAffairs Bruxelles, we aspire to deepen understanding and foster meaningful dialogue to anticipate the future of  EU policymaking in a changing world. CEPS’ rigorous approach and commitment to excellence has made it an ideal partner on this important journey.” – Massimiliano Gobbato, Communication Director, PubAffairs Bruxelles.

“We are pleased to have this partnership, to reach a broader audience with our insights and explainers, and to provide good content to PubAffairs Bruxelles” – Karel Lannoo, Chief Executive, CEPS.

Along with daily updates on the most relevant EU institutional and EU-related media news covering the most important aspects of  EU policymaking, PubAffairs Bruxelles’ community of practitioners, experts, and active citizens will continue to benefit from its website and the Opinion and Analysis section, which features a wide range of policy areas from the economy, finance, digitalisation, energy, climate, and trade to better regulation, education, foreign policy and the European integration process at large.

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