PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with ECFR, the European Council on Foreign Relations.


PubAffairs Bruxelles announces the official start of an editorial partnership with the European Council on Foreign Relations – ECFR.

Brussels, 12th June. PubAffairs Bruxelles is delighted to announce that it has officially entered into a new editorial partnership with the European Council on Foreign Relations – ECFR. The ECFR is an award-winning international think-tank that conducts cutting-edge independent research on European foreign and security policy, which provides a meeting space to share ideas and promote informed debates about Europe’s role in the world.

The editorial partnership between PubAffairs Bruxelles and ECFR reinforces PubAffairs’ core aim of enabling meaningful conversation while leveraging the involvement of think tanks, academics, researchers, and influencers. In light of the current dynamics of the international environment, this editorial collaboration aims to promote a deeper comprehension of the EU’s role in a changing global context by combining the expertise of ECFR with the outreach of PubAffairs Bruxelles.

As a result of major shifts in the global landscape,  Europeans are increasingly questioning long-held certainties and beliefs. Above all, these developments call into question the European Union’s role in the world and consequently, the EU institutions are attempting to cope with this phenomenon. Understanding the complexity of such evolution requires profound expertise. Through the ECFR’s commentaries and analyses, PubAffairs Bruxelles is pleased to now offer such insights on its platform.

“Every day we aim to deepen understanding of EU-related matters in order to anticipate future developments. Meanwhile, the question regarding the EU’s place in the world has become increasingly complex. We are delighted to partner with the ECFR and its network of experts on European and global foreign and security policy as a companion on this important journey.” – Massimiliano Gobbato, Communication Director, PubAffairs Bruxelles.

“We are delighted to join forces with PubAffairs to amplify the visibility, distribution and promotion of our research on foreign and security policy. We are confident that we will further engage ECFR’s audience and expand our reach of our readership through this editorial collaboration.” – Andreas Bock, Head of Communications, ECFR.

In addition to daily updates on the most pertinent EU institutional and EU-related media news, PubAffairs Bruxelles’ community of practitioners, experts and engaged citizens will be further exposed to ECFR’s research insights into EU-related matters. Their work will be published in our Opinion and Analysis section, which includes several policy domains such as the EU and global economy, energy and climate change, EU enlargement and social policies and more.

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