Flack John

John Flack was returned as a Conservative Member of the European Parliament for the East of England in June 2017. He was appointed as Conservative Spokesman for Regional Development and was also appointed to serve on the Fisheries committee. On taking his seat John joined the cross-party Animal Welfare Intergroup who recently elected him as a Vice President in recognition of the work he has done in the Parliament to promote animal welfare across a wide spectrum of issues, from cage farming and fur labelling to ghost fishing and cetacean bycatch. Representing over 6 million people in a predominantly rural area, the East of England, and coming from twelve generations of farmers, John has been particularly aware of the challenges in the farming sector in terms of animal welfare and has been for many years a strong advocate for improved standards in the way animals are raised, transported and slaughtered. Earlier in October John published a 100+ page hard back book – Animals Can’t Vote …but you can! to highlight the cruel abuse of animals in agriculture, tourism and entertainment.