Llewellyn Glenn

Glenn Llewellyn is Vice President, Zero-Emission Aircraft at Airbus. He is widely recognised as a top-tier leader on climate strategy for aviation. Today, Glenn is at the helm of a zero-emission revolution at Airbus with the mission to unite all the ingredients needed to launch the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft programme, ZEROe. Recognising the need for cross-industry synergies, he has been instrumental in forging some of the forward-looking partnerships necessary to achieving Airbus’ ambitious vision with a variety of aviation and technology leaders. Prior to his current role, Glenn spearheaded the research & technology portfolio dedicated to reducing the climate impact of Airbus products. This portfolio included ground-breaking demonstrator projects such as the all-electric VTOLs – Vahana and CityAirbus – as well as the hybrid-electric E-Fan X.