Maes Mathieu

Mathieu Maes is currently the Secretary General of the Belgian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Belgium), the world business organisation. Before becoming involved in trade and investment policy issues, he worked in the field of international trade, including managing the Benelux distribution of a large family-owned industrial company. He also served for some years at the European Commission. As an activist for multilateralism and sustainable globalisation, he was instrumental in the development of the foundation “No to Counterfeiting and Piracy” and in the creation of the Belgian community of compliance professionals, (since 2018). He was the main author of the “Anti-corruption guide for Belgian companies abroad” (2016) and of “A trusted SME rejects corruption: why, how?” (2017), two publications of the Belgian National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. He is also a board member of the Belgian chapter of Transparency International.