Ojepat Okisegere

Okisegere Ojepat is the Chief Executive Officer of Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPC Kenya), an association that is committed to promoting growth and success of members through sustainable production and supply of high quality fresh horticultural produce to domestic, regional and global markets. He has previously served as the Director of Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK); Director, Kenya Horticultural Council (KHC) Director, Tamlega Farm Care Limited and as an Agronomist in different horticulture exporter companies. He has 22 years of experience. Currently, Okisegere Ojepat also serves as Member of National Technical Working Group on Global Gap (NTWG), Member of The Kenya National Technical Working Group (KNTWG), Member of Kenya Horticulture Steering Committee, Member of The Horticulture Competent Authorities Structure (HCAS), and Member of the General Committee for Society of Crops Agribusiness Advisors of Kenya (SOCAA).