Abbott Roderick

Roderick Abbott is a member of ECIPE’s Steering Committee and Advisory Board and a Senior Adviser on trade policy at ECIPE, covering issues which range from GATT and WTO to European trade policy. After 10 years working in trade work for the British Government, he spent 30 years in DG Trade at the European Commission. During his time at the Commission, he was working as a central member of the European negotiating teams during two GATT negotiation rounds: the Tokyo Round and the Uruguay Round. In the early years of the WTO, he was the EU Ambassador to Geneva and later a close collaborator with Pascal Lamy, EU Commissioner for Trade. After leaving the Commission, he held the role of Deputy Director-General at the WTO in Geneva for three years. He has written about how the Doha Round might have been negotiated differently, and about dispute settlement in the WTO with a focus on the participation of developing countries in the years 1995 to 2005.