Schmid Johannes

Since 2020 Dr. Johannes Schmid is leading the governmental affairs team for emissions and e-mobility. Part of his responsibilities are regulations on all drivetrain options like battery and fuel cell electric vehicles as well as combustion engines and plug-in-hybrides within the BMW Group. Dr. Johannes Schmid started his career as development engineer for exhaust aftertreatment systems in the automotive sector working for several OEMs and suppliers. Joining the BMW Group in 2012 as project lead for the hydrogen fuel cell stack he developed the parts currently running in the iX5 Hydrogen. In 2017 he moved to the purchase department responsible for the transition from classical drive train component manufacturing to e-mobility. Joining the governmental affairs team as drive train expert in 2018 he was promoted in 2020 to the team leader for emissions and e-mobility. He completed his PhD in analytical chemistry on diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems at Technische Universität München. He holds several international patents for the BMW Group.