Ghislain Stephanie

Stephanie Ghislain leads the “Trade & Animal Welfare” Project at Eurogroup for Animals, a pan-European animal advocacy organisation representing 64 members based in the EU and beyond. This project acts as a constructive partner to EU decision makers offering WTO compatible solutions to problems identified in connection with trade and animal welfare. It aims to ensure that EU trade relations do not present a barrier to maintaining and improving EU animal welfare standards, and to positively impact animal welfare protection in partner countries by using trade relations to provide relevant incentives and technical assistance. Before joining Eurogroup for Animals, Stephanie worked six years in a consulting firm, primarily advising foreign governments on EU trade policy. She represents Eurogroup for Animals on the Commission’s Expert Group on Trade Negotiations; chairs the EU Domestic Advisory Group on the EU-Ukraine DCFTA and acts as vice-chair of the EU Domestic Advisory Group on CETA.