EU strikes partnership deals with ACP

The European Union has signed an agreement with 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific states on issues including climate protection, migration and human rights. The treaty replaces an existing deal that’s been in place for the past 20 years.
The African, Caribbean and Pacific states – or ACP for short – consist of 79 countries – 16 in the Caribbean, 48 in Africa, and 15 in the Pacific region. Many of them are former European colonies. Collectively, they are home to some 1.5 billion people. And over the past four years, the European Union has provided 30 Billion Euros in funds to ACP nations to promote economic development and fight poverty.
Now, the two sides have shaken hands on a new wide-ranging partnership, which both sides hope their citizens can benefit from. The new deal was more than two years in the making. DW’s reporter Marina Strauss asked both sides how they eventually reached agreement.