Artificial intelligence and digital initiatives to be scrutinised by MEPs on Wednesday

The Industry and Internal Market Committees will discuss the new initiatives in the digital sector with Commissioner Thierry Breton, on Wednesday afternoon.

Commissioner Breton will present to and debate with MEPs the initiatives that the Commission will put forward on 19 February:

  • A Strategy for Europe Fit for the Digital Age
  • White Paper on Artificial Intelligence
  • European Data Strategy

When: Wednesday, 19 February, 16.00 to 18.00

Where: European Parliament, Spaak building, room 3C050, Brussels

Live streaming: You can also follow the debate on EP Live

A Strategy for Europe – Fit for the Digital Age

The Commission has announced in its 2020 Work Programme that it will put forward a “European Strategy for Europe – Fit for the Digital Age”, setting out its vision on how to address the challenges and opportunities brought about by digitalisation.

Boosting the single market for digital services and introducing regulatory rules for the digital economy should be addressed in this strategy. It is expected to build on issues covered by the e-commerce directive and the platform-to-business regulation.

White Paper on Artificial Intelligence

The White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) will aim to support its development and uptake in the EU, as well as to ensure that European values are fully respected. It should identify key opportunities and challenges, analyse regulatory options and put forward proposals and policy actions related to, e.g. ethics, transparency, safety and liability.

European Strategy for Data

The purpose of the Data Strategy would be to explore how to make the most of the enormous value of non-personal data as an ever-expanding and re-usable asset in the digital economy. It will build in part on the free flow of non-personal data regulation.