Will European Commission let AI providers write their own rules?

Despite the EU’s attempts to keep up with the breakneck speed of AI’s progress, NGOs fear the bloc is taking a step back in the demanding fight to regulate the technology.

Reports suggest that the European Commission plans to assign the delicate task of drafting codes of practice for OpenAI and other general providers to industry actors themselves, along with a yet undefined consulting firm.

In this episode, host Giada Santana and tech editor Eliza Gkritsi discuss how the EU regulatory machine is tackling the challenge of AI.

In this episode you will listen to:

  • The EU AI Act aims to regulate AI, and the European Commission is rushing to draft a code of practice for AI providers like OpenAI.
  • The drafting of the code of practice will be done by a consulting firm, and AI providers will be heavily involved in the process, raising concerns about conflicts of interest.
  • Civil society groups are worried about the lack of transparency in the AI Office’s workings and the potential for industry self-regulation.
  • The fast pace of AI development poses a challenge for regulators, as codes of practice might become outdated quickly.
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