Artificial intelligence: Commission appoints expert group and launches European AI Alliance

Today, the Commission appointed 52 experts to advise the Commission on artificial intelligence (AI) and set up a collaboration platform to help build a community of stakeholders – the European AI Alliance

The expert group will help the Commission implement the European approach on AI presented on 25 April (press release, Q&A and factsheet). More specifically the experts will draft ethical guidelines by the end of this year and a set of recommendations by mid-2019. They will build on contributions from stakeholders through the European AI Alliance. Everyone interested in AI can join the European AI Alliance and address all aspects of AI in discussions via the platform and via dedicated events. Facilitating multistakeholder dialogue on how to advance AI innovation to increase trust and adoption, and to inform future policy discussions, is a commitment made as part of the recent G7’s Charlevoix Common Vision for the Future of Artificial Intelligence. It is also a key element of the European approach on AI and the Declaration of Cooperation on AI signed by 28 European countries. AI Alliance platform can be accessed here. Full list of experts is available here.