Child sexual abuse: Council and European Parliament agree to prolong protection measure

The Council presidency and European Parliament representatives reached a provisional agreement on a regulation prolonging an interim measure to combat online child sexual abuse. Based on the agreement, this interim measure will be extended until 3 April 2026.

On the basis of a derogation from data protection rules in the electronic communications sectors that was adopted in 2021, providers of so-called number-independent interpersonal communications services (e.g. messaging services) are permitted to use specific technologies for the processing of personal and other data to detect online child sexual abuse on their services, to report and to remove it.

This derogation, which the Council and the European Parliament agreed to extend, was limited in time and would expire on 3 August 2024.

Council and European Parliament negotiators also decided that, in order to obtain comprehensive reporting and comparable statistics, providers should make the information about the reports of detected online child sexual abuse that they submit to the authorities and the Commission available in a structured format.

Next steps

Today’s agreement will have to be confirmed by EU member states’ representatives which will be followed by formal adoption in both institutions.


The derogation, first agreed in 2021 and now extended until 3 April 2026 will bridge the gap until a new EU law, currently on the table of the Council and the European Parliament, offers a long-term legal framework for the detection of online child sexual abuse.