COLLEGE MEETING: A new Commission Recovery and Resilience Task Force will take up its work as of 16 August 2020

Following the agreement, in the European Council on 21 July, on a powerful, modern and revamped 2021-2027 long-term EU budget with NextGenerationEU at its heart, a Recovery and Resilience Task Force will be created within the European Commission’s Secretariat-General. Under President von der Leyen‘s authority, the Task Force will coordinate the implementation of the recovery plan across the EU in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Effective as of 16 August, the Recovery and Resilience Task Force will support Member States with the elaboration of their recovery and resilience plans, ensure that plans comply with the regulatory requirements, deliver on the objectives of the green and digital transitions, monitor the implementation of financial support and coordinate the European Semester in this period of time. In order for the Task Force to be fully operational immediately, the College has decided to designate Deputy Secretary-General Céline Gauer as Acting Head. See the new organisational chart.