COLLEGE MEETING: The Commission makes its in-house governance clearer, simpler and more transparent

Today, the College adopted a set of targeted measures to make its in-house governance clearer, simpler and more transparent. This is an important step in ensuring the Commission is better equipped to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow and also follows up on recommendations from the European Court of Auditors and the Commission’s Internal Audit Service.

Under the reform, the Commission clarifies and formalises the mandate of the Corporate Management Board โ€“ an in-house structure which provides coordination, oversight, advice and strategic orientations on corporate management issues. Moreover, the IT governance landscape within the Commission will be simplified, as set out in the Commission’s Digital Strategy. The strategy sets a vision for the Commission to become a digitally transformed, user-focused and data-driven administration by 2022. Today’s measures also include strengthening the corporate risk management and its process. An update of the Charter of the Audit Progress Committee also tasks it with monitoring the Commission’s follow up to the European Court of Auditors’ observations on the EU consolidated accounts. The Commission has also today revised the administrative arrangements on co-operation and timely exchange of information between the European Commission and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). The new in-house measures adopted by the College today have immediate effect. The texts of the five documents are available online and more information on the European Commission’s Digital Strategy can be found here.