Commission publishes enhanced surveillance report for Greece

The Commission has adopted the ninth enhanced surveillance report for Greece. The report is prepared in the context of the enhanced surveillance framework which serves to ensure continued support for the delivery of Greece’s reform commitments following the successful completion of the stability support programme in 2018. It finds that Greece has progressed well with the implementation of a number of reform commitments, while noting that, overall, reform momentum has slowed down against the background of challenging circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A number of detailed roadmaps in specific key reform areas have been agreed with Greece to foster decisive reform progress ahead of the tenth report in May, which will serve as a basis for the Eurogroup to decide on the release of the next set of policy-contingent debt measures. The Commission is in continuous and constructive dialogue with the Greek authorities on the preparation of their recovery and resilience plan, which sets out reforms and public investment projects that will be supported by the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). Enhanced surveillance for Greece will continue in parallel with the RRF, drawing on the positive experience with the interplay between enhanced surveillance and the European Semester so far. The full report is available here.