Commission services sign administrative arrangement with Ofcom to support the enforcement of social media regulations

Today, the Commission services responsible for the enforcement of the Digital Services Act (DSA) have signed an administrative arrangement with Ofcom – the media regulator of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The arrangement will support the Commission’s and Ofcom’s supervisory work towards online platforms, respectively the EU’s DSA and the UK’s Online Safety Act. Areas of common interest are the protection of minors online, age-appropriate design technologies, the transparency of online platforms, risk assessments and the impact of algorithms on systemic risks for society.

The cooperation will be carried out through technical expert dialogues, joint training of technical staff, sharing of best practices, joint studies and coordinated research projects. Effective and active cooperation with international partners is crucial to shape a secure and trusted online environment.

Under the DSA, the Commission is responsible for the supervision and enforcement of provisions applying to designated very large online platforms and search engines. Since the general entry into application of the DSA, the Commission has already taken action to ensure that the DSA creates a safer online environment: by bringing unprecedented transparency, including over 16 billion statements of reasons in a public database, by offering due process for platforms’ content moderation decisions, by offering access to platforms’ public data for researchers, and by opening proceedings where it suspects that these platforms may breach the structural obligations of the DSA.