Commission welcomes European Parliament’s confirmation that the 2018 budget was well-managed

The Commission welcomes yesterday’s approval by the European Parliament to the way in which the EU budget was managed and implemented in 2018. The vote, granting the ‘discharge’ to the EU budget, is a strong signal that the European Commission, together with EU Member States, did everything possible to make sure every euro from the EU budget goes where it is needed, to the benefit of EU citizens. On the occasion of yesterday’s vote, Commissioner Johannes Hahn, in charge of the budget, said: “I am grateful to the Members of the European Parliament for their vote of confidence, and to the rapporteurs for their tireless work. Their message is clear: we should and will continue making the most out of the EU budget. It is a key expression of EU solidarity and instrumental to Europe’s joint response to challenges such as the coronavirus. Our forthcoming proposal on a reinforced long-term budget, including a strong Recovery Instrument, will further enhance the EU capacity to direct funds where the needs are, helping those most concerned by the ongoing crisis.” The annual budget discharge is the European Parliament’s final approval of how the European Commission, in cooperation with the Member States, has implemented the EU budget in a given year. The discharge vote is therefore the formal closure of the budget year in question. The European Parliament grants discharge on a recommendation from the Council. The procedure therefore allows the European Parliament and the Council to exercise democratic control over the way taxpayers’ money is being spent.