Commissioner Jourová launches the New Deal for Consumers

Commissioner Jourová has today launched a discussion on the New Deal for Consumers by bringing together all stakeholders working on improving consumer rights in the EU. The Commission will present next spring changes to the existing consumer law to modernise them and ensure that they are properly enforced. Commissioner Jourová said on this occasion: “With the New Deal for Consumers, I want to reshape EU consumer rules to make them fit for the 21st century still during my mandate. I want to make them fit for the digital age: consumers should have the same rights online, as they do offline. I want to find ways for groups of consumers to defend their interests. Their claims will be strong together, especially when they face large companies. Finally, consumer authorities should have the power to better enforce consumer rules; they need to be equipped with penalties that are deterrent to ensure that companies respect them. We have no time to waste; that’s why we need all hands on deck to jump through the legislative hurdles.” Members of the European Parliament, the Estonian, Austrian and Bulgarian trio Presidency of the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of Regions, as well as the main European consumer and business organisations were present to launch the New Deal for Consumers.