Commissioner Jourová to launch trilogues on the Data Protection Regulation and present the findings of the latest Eurobarometer survey

Just ahead of the European Summit on Thursday and Friday where the Digital Single Market will feature prominently on the agenda, today Commissioner Jourová is launching the trilogues on the Data Protection Regulation, together with the Parliament’s chief negotiators and the Justice Ministers from the outgoing and incoming Council presidencies. The shared aim is to adopt the data protection reform by the end of 2015. The latest Eurobarometer survey published today shows that citizens still have serious concerns about what happens to their personal data, especially online. Only 15% of the 28,000 Europeans questioned feel that they have complete control over the information they provide online. Commenting on the new Eurobarometer, Commissioner Jourová said: “These results show that the data protection reform is as urgent today as it was three years ago when the Commission launched the reform. We need to restore trust in order to complete the Digital Single Market.” You can follow the press conference in the ‘Anna Politkovskaya’ press room of the European Parliament (Paul-Henri Spaak building, ground floor) or online at 14:00.