Consumers to benefit from new EU rules on phone and internet contracts

Today, the EU adopted new rules that will make it easier for consumers to understand and compare their electronic communications service contracts. Under these new rules, which will come into effect as of 21 December 2020, providers of telephone, messaging or internet services must present all potential customers with a new contract summary, which will include clear and simple information about their contracts before they are concluded. Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market, said: “With many different service providers available across the EU, it can often be hard for consumers to choose which provider can best meet their needs. The new contract summary will offer clear and comparable information about each service and contract, making it easier for them to make informed choices. Another step in helping Europeans enjoy all the opportunities of the internal market.”  The contract summary template is created by the European Commission and will be the same across the EU. It will include the information necessary for consumers to make more informed choices, such as a description of the services, internet speeds, the contract’s price and duration and renewal and termination terms, as well as features for users with disabilities. The summary template, adopted with an implementing regulation, is part of the new European Electronic Communications Code, which entered into force in December 2018 and will become applicable in all Member States as of 21 December 2020. More information is available here and in these questions and answers.