COVID-19: faster authorisation for vaccines adapted to variants

MEPs will discuss and greenlight a new procedure to facilitate and accelerate the EU-wide approval of vaccines adapted to COVIDa-19 variants.

On Thursday, Members of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee will hold an exchange of views on a Commission delegated act providing a simplified authorisation procedure for COVID-19 vaccines that have already received EU authorisation but which are being adapted to be effective against variants of the virus.

When: Thursday 15 April 2021, 10:00-11:00 (indicative timing)

Where: European Parliament in Brussels, room József Antall 4Q2 and videoconference

You can watch the debate live here.

On Friday morning, the ENVI committee will also vote on a recommendation to give an early greenlight to the proposal, declaring that it raises no objections to it, in order to accelerate its introduction.


On 24 March, the Commission introduced a measure to accelerate the authorisation of adapted COVID-19 vaccines. Before entering into force, any delegated act is scrutinised by the European Parliament and Council. If they do not intend to raise any objections, MEPs may decide to shorten this scrutiny period with a vote at committee level, followed by the approval of the recommendation during the next plenary session (according to Rule 111 paragraph six of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure).

On 15 March, MEPs debated with experts on the efficacy of vaccines against mutations of the COVID-19 virus.