Cyber solidarity package: Council and Parliament strike deals to strengthen cyber security capacities in the EU


To strengthen EU’s solidarity and capacities to detect, prepare for and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents and enhance its cyber resilience, the Council presidency and European Parliament’s negotiators reached a provisional agreement on the so-called ‘cyber solidarity act’, as well as on a targeted amendment to the cybersecurity act (CSA).


The Belgian Secretary of State, Mathieu Michel, said; “Today’s agreements set new milestones for Europe’s cyber resilience. These rules will strengthen the EU’s and member states’ capabilities to prepare, prevent, respond, and recover from large-scale cyber threats or incidents. Moreover, creating the possibility for the certification of managed security services will help to ensure a high common level of these cybersecurity services across the EU by facilitating their cross-border provision to the benefit of our citizens and businesses.”

Following today’s provisional agreements, both texts will have to be endorsed by the Council and the European Parliament in view of their formal adoption. From the Council’s side, the Belgian presidency will submit the texts to the member states’ representatives (Coreper) for approval as soon as possible. Once approved, the draft legislative acts will be submitted to a legal/linguistic review before being formally adopted by the co-legislators, published in the EU’s Official Journal, and entering into force 20 days after this publication.


Source European Council– Mar 6, 24