Cybersecurity: Commission report details policies and skills needed for a more secure digital society

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), the Commission’s science and knowledge hub, has issued a report on ‘Cybersecurity – our Digital anchor. A European perspective’. It looks at the growth of cybersecurity over the last 40 years and identifies where the EU could improve in this field, for the benefit of businesses and citizens. The report also sets out the steps needed for a more secure digital society, taking into account the new cybersecurity challenges triggered by the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, the report lists the skills that businesses and citizens should be equipped with as we build Europe’s digital future. Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said: “Securing our digital society is now more important than ever. The digital space is central in our lives, with work, education and connecting with family and friends all happening online. This can also make us vulnerable to cyber threats. The report ‘Cybersecurity: our digital anchor’ presents a new, systemic approach to protect us from these threats – one in which education and digital skills are central, we should all be involved and be part of the solutions.” Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market, said: “Cybersecurity is not an isolated challenge and requires a holistic approach. Responding to new and evolving threats – we need to increase our cyber-resilience and work together on all levels, from citizens and companies to Member States. Europe has the expertise to lead in the field and this report again shows it.” More information on the JRC Science Hub