Cybersecurity of 5G networks: Commission requests the EU cybersecurity agency to develop a certification scheme

The Commission has tasked the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA, to prepare the EU’s cybersecurity certification scheme for 5G networks that will help address risks related to technical vulnerabilities of the networks and further enhance their cybersecurity. Certification plays a critical role in increasing trust and security in digital products and services – however, at the moment, there are various security certification schemes for IT products, including 5G networks, in Europe. A single common scheme for certification would make it easier for businesses to trade across borders and for customers to understand the security features of a given product or service. Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, said: “Security is at the core of 5G technology roll-out. EU-wide certification, in combination with other types of measures in the EU 5G Toolbox, supports our efforts to optimise 5G security and patch technical vulnerabilities. This is why it is important that Member States make further progress in implementing the Toolbox.” Juhan Lepassaar, Executive Director of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, said: “The certification of 5G networks emerges as the logical next step in the EU cybersecurity strategy for the Digital Decade. The new initiative builds on the actions already engaged in to mitigate the cybersecurity risks of the 5G technology.” The request for the development of the scheme is in accordance with the Cybersecurity Act, which establishes the European cybersecurity certification framework, and it was also announced in the new EU Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade. The Commission will soon adopt its first Union Rolling Programme for cybersecurity certification. More information is available in this ENISA press release. Information about the EU actions to strengthen cybersecurity capacities is available here and about the Cybersecurity certification framework here.