Digital Services Act: Commission launches public consultation on methodology and procedures to calculate supervisory fee

Today, the Commission published a draft text for public feedback concerning the methodology and procedures to calculate the supervisory fee under the Digital Services Act (DSA). The feedback period will last one month and will help shape the final Commission Delegated Regulation.

The DSA entered into force on 16 November 2022. The obligations for service providers designated as very large online platforms or very large search engines will become applicable four months after their formal designation, based on user numbers to be published by 17 February 2023. The Commission expects the obligations to kick in from the autumn 2023.

To ensure the effective supervision and enforcement of the new rules, the Commission is empowered to levy a fee on providers under its supervision.

The draft Delegated Regulation, which is now available for public feedback, aims to provide legal certainty to the service providers concerned. It specifies the methodology and procedures to calculate and levy the supervisory fee, provides further details for the calculation of the overall estimated costs and for the determination of the individual fees, and further specifies the procedure for the overall limit.