EU Code Week broke record in 2021 with 78,000 events

Today, on the International Day of Education, the Commission has published the results of last year’s EU Code Week, which took place in October 2021: this EU-supported initiative set a new record with more than 78,000 activities organised worldwide, an increase from 72,000 the year before. Teachers, educators, various organisations and coding enthusiasts have engaged in a mix of virtual and in-person events that aim to bring coding and computational thinking to everyone in a fun and engaging way. Thanks to more resources made available to teachers, more and more schools are rolling out Code Week activities to introduce pupils to digital technologies in an engaging way. At the same time, more than four million people from 79 countries joined, an increase from 3.4 million people the year before. Launched in 2013 as a grass-roots movement and organised every year since then, EU Code Week aims to empower young people and adults by showing how ideas can be brought to life through coding and to help them better understand how digital technologies can benefit their lives and the society. It also contributes to Europe’s Digital Decade skills targets: by 2030 at least 80% of all adults should have basic digital skills and there should be 20 million employed ICT specialists in the EU, with gender convergence in these roles. The EU Code Week will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022 and is expected to take place from 8-23 October. More information about last year’s results and the benefits of getting involved with this initiative is available here.