EU Humanitarian Air Bridge to deliver emergency aid to Haiti following earthquake

An EU Humanitarian Air Bridge operation consisting of two flights is delivering more than 125 tonnes of life-saving materials to humanitarian organisations active in Haiti, as part of the EU response to the earthquake that hit the country on 14 August. The first flight arrives in Port-au-Prince today while a second flight is expected to reach the country in the coming days. Cargo includes medical equipment, medicines, water, sanitation and hygiene items and other material supplied by humanitarian partners from the EU.

Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič said:“At this critical time, the EU continues to support people in Haiti who are suffering the consequences of the terrible disaster that hit the country. Medical assistance, shelter and access to water are urgent needs that cannot be left unheard. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the EU and its partners, together with the Haitian authorities, vital assistance is being delivered to help the people of Haiti to survive this challenging time.”

Since the beginning of 2021, the EU has mobilised over €14 million in humanitarian aid for Haiti, focusing on disaster preparedness, emergency response to the food crisis as well as meeting the needs generated by the increase in gang-related violence, forced displacement and forced repatriation.


Following the devastating earthquake of 7.2 magnitude that hit Haiti on 14 August, the EU released €3 million in urgent humanitarian assistance to address the most pressing needs of the affected communities.

Through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the EU is also coordinating the continued delivery of several aid offers from EU Member States, including Spain, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden, to ensure prompt support for the population. A team of European experts have also been deployed on the ground.

The EU has provided humanitarian aid to victims of major disasters and crises in Haiti, including the coronavirus pandemic, food shortages and malnutrition in recent years, Hurricane Matthew (2016), the epidemics of cholera and the 2021 and 2010 earthquakes.

In 2020, the Commission released more than €10 million to fight COVID-19, focused on the provision of health and training equipment as well as logistical support. During 2020, the EU also launched two Humanitarian Air Bridge operations to Haiti to ensure the mobility of humanitarian personnel and the delivery of vital goods.

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