EU4FairWork: Commission launches campaign to tackle undeclared work

Today, the Commission is launching the first European campaign for declared work. The initiative intends to raise awareness amongst workers, companies and policymakers that undeclared work does not pay off. It deprives workers of social protection, it distorts competition between businesses, and it leads to huge gaps in public finances. A new Special Eurobarometer illustrates the scale of the problem: 1 in 10 Europeans report they have purchased goods or services in the past year that might have derived from undeclared work. A third of Europeans know somebody who works undeclared. The Commission will work hand in hand with the European Platform tackling undeclared work and the European Labour Authority. Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, said: “All work matters. All workers deserve their social rights. By launching this campaign today, we want workers, companies, and governments to come together in recognising the benefits of declared work. The EU is stepping up efforts in tackling undeclared work, encouraging cooperation between Member States and raising awareness throughout Europe. Together we can make undeclared work a thing of the past.” The press release is available here.