European Cybersecurity Month: EU promotes security culture among citizens

Tomorrow, as always in October, the European Cybersecurity Month will be launched in all Member States to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats as well as promote cybersecurity among citizens and organisations through education and sharing of good practices. This year, in particular, the European Cybersecurity Month will focus on raising awareness about the good cybersecurity practices that should be a part of everyone’s daily routine, and the importance of ensuring that technology devices are secure. Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, said: “Building trust, knowledge, awareness and resilience are essential in order to protect ourselves in the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. The European Cybersecurity Month is part of our wider efforts to develop and retain our cybersecurity skills, implement wide-reaching preventive measures and, ultimately, create a truly secure Digital Single Market.”  The campaign activities are coordinated by the EU Agency for Cybersecurity and the Commission, and are strongly supported by the EU Member States. They focus on two priorities: first, on the daily routines, checks and general behaviour required to stay safe online and, second, on how to remain technologically-savvy and safe with rapidly evolving technologies. The overall goal is to ensure that citizens are aware of online risks and have the tools to become more resilient and confident users. More information on the related activities that will take place during the month of October are available inthis press release issued by the EU Agency for Cybersecurity and on the website. More information on the EU’s actions to strengthen cybersecurity capacities, including for 5G networks, are available in these Questions & Answers and this brochure.