Global Health Summit 2021: Scientific Expert Panel provides recommendations for global health threat prevention, preparedness and response

Today, the Global Health Summit’s Scientific Expert Panel have published their report ‘Science and Innovation for a Safer World’. The Panel was established by the European Commission and the Italian G20 Presidency and gathers 26 senior scientific experts from around the world, experienced in local and global COVID-19 response. Today’s report will inform deliberations at the Global Health Summit which takes place this Friday, 21 May, in Rome, in view of adopting a ‘Rome Declaration’ with guiding principles for preparedness against future health crises. The report emphasises the urgency to control the acute stage of the pandemic as well as to invest in long-term and sustainable systems to respond to future health threats. With 10 key recommendations, it identifies the main areas for immediate investments and action such as ensuring equitable access to medical tools to fight COVID-19 and strengthening public health systems and regional manufacturing capacities. It outlines a vision for global preparedness and response grounded in the principles of scientific inquiry, equity, multilateralism, solidarity, sustainability, transparency, and cooperation. Find more information on the Global Health Summit here.