Health in the Digital Society

Vytenis Andriukaitis, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, will participate in the Health in the Digital Society conference organised by the Estonian Presidency of the EU, in Tallinn on 17 October. He will present preliminary findings of the public consultation on a digital health and care policy paper to be adopted in the coming months. Ahead of the conference Vice-President Ansip, in charge of the Digital Single Market, Commissioner Andriukaitis, in charge of Health and Food Safety, and Commissioner Gabriel, in charge of the Digital Economy and Society, said:  “It’s clear that Europeans care about the innovation and digitisation of health care. We can all see the potential of digital solutions in the prevention and management of chronic diseases as well as in maintaining healthy lifestyles – which is why the Commission is committed to overcoming the existing barriers to the free movement of patients and data. If we want to protect people’s wellbeing and modernise national health systems around Europe, we first need to share our experience and evidence.  By focusing more on research and investment into digital health, we can help people to manage their own health and improve quality of life.” The public consultation, which ended on 12 October, drew more than 1500 replies and showed a broad support for health related actions in the Digital Single Market. More than 90% of respondents agree that citizens should be able to manage their own data. 80% agree that sharing health data can be beneficial. Nearly 60% report not having access to digital health services. More than 80% agree that citizen feedback to healthcare providers and professionals is essential to improve services. For more information see IP/17/2085 and full Statement by Commissioner Andriukaitis(available as from 09:30 on 17 October) and here.