Israel/Palestine: Statement by the HR on behalf of the EU in support of the three-phase roadmap to an enduring ceasefire and release of hostages

The European Union gives its full support to the comprehensive roadmap presented by President Biden, that would lead to an enduring ceasefire in Gaza, the release of all hostages and a surge of humanitarian assistance to Gaza. The EU appreciates the determined efforts by the US, Egypt and Qatar in facilitating negotiations to bring an end to the war between Israel and Hamas, while ensuring Israel’s security, to which the EU remains fully committed.

Too many civilian lives have been lost. An enduring ceasefire is urgently needed, to ensure protection of civilians, the unconditional and immediate release of all hostages whose safety and well-being is of concern, and to increase the flow of much needed humanitarian relief to Gaza in view of the deepening humanitarian crisis. Peace and stability in the Middle East are in the interest of both peoples, of the region as a whole, as well as globally.

The EU urges both parties to accept and fulfil the three-phase proposal and stands ready to contribute to reviving a political process for a lasting and sustainable peace, based on the two state solution, and to support a coordinated international effort to rebuild Gaza.