Legislative acts adopted by the General Affairs Council


The Council today adopted a significant number of legislative acts covering a range of policy areas. This reflects the outcome of intensive negotiations with the European Parliament over recent weeks as the end of the current legislature approaches.

The list of acts adopted is set out below, and includes links to more detailed information on each file. A further package of final adoptions is expected at the Council (Agrifish) on 15 April. 

General Affairs

Regulation on the European Citizens’ Initiative

Amendment of Protocol No 3 on the Statute of the EU Court of Justice

Amendment of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 as regards the resources for the specific allocation for the Youth Employment Initiative

Economic and Financial Affairs

Capital requirements for non-performing loans

Justice and Home Affairs

Non-cash fraud directive

Cross-border exchange of criminal records (ECRIS-TCN Regulation and ECRIS Directive)


Regulation on safeguarding competition in air transport

Directive on port reception facilities for the delivery of waste from ships


Directive on unfair trading practices in the agricultural and food supply chain

Regulation on spirit drinks

Internal market and Industry

Regulation to prolong transitional use of means other than the electronic data-processing techniques provided for in the Union Customs Code

Regulation on import of cultural goods

Employment and Social Policy

Directive on the accessibility requirements for products and services


Regulation on the Cybersecurity Act

Brexit contingency measures

Regulation on visa-free travel

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