New portal launched to teach youngsters about tax issues

The European Commission has launched a new education portal for young people to teach them in a fun and interactive way about tax issues. TAXEDU is a digital resource to educate children about the purpose of taxes and how they affect daily life. The hope is that it will also help to stimulate the ongoing debate about fair taxation. The portal is full of multilingual e-learning tools, games, videos and educational material for teachers to use in schools. Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, responsible for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, said: “I am proud to announce the launch of TAXEDU, a project which will raise young people’s awareness of tax issues. Through online games, young people can learn in a fun way how their schools, local swimming pools and playgrounds are financed, and how they too will one day help to build public services themselves through taxes. We want to spark an interest in tax matters and get young people involved in the decisions that will shape their future.” A joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Parliament, the project has been brought to life thanks to cooperation with EU countries’ tax authorities. The portal is already online and the TAXLANDIA interactive game where players have to manage public finances and make decisions about tax collection and expenditure can be played and downloaded here.