Press release following the video conference of 6 April between Presidents Michel, von der Leyen, Lagarde and Centeno

Ahead of tomorrow’s meeting of the members of the Eurogroup, President of the European Council Charles Michel convened and chaired a videoconference with the Presidents of the European Commission, the ECB and the Eurogroup this afternoon.

The presidents reviewed progress made in the EU’s economic response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“There is a lot of room for solidarity within the existing instruments and institutions. We have to exploit these tools fully and remain open to doing more. A strong package is in the making. Our goal is clear: we will protect European citizens and businesses from the economic impact of the pandemic.”

The Eurogroup will be following up on the leaders’ mandate and is expected to present concrete proposals. As President of the Euro Summit, Michel is following these discussions closely. Intensive technical work has been carried out over the last ten days.

“The EU budget, the Single Market and unparalleled levels of investment, especially green and digital, are all part of the answer. On the “day after”, the economic recovery in all Member States has to be as quick and strong as possible. The EU’s response will help to lay the ground in that regard. We call on all members of the Eurogroup to look at all possible instruments in a resourceful and constructive way.”