Remarks by President Charles Michel ahead of the informal meeting of the EU heads of state or government in Prague

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We would like to cooperate and coordinate on stability, peace, and security. This first meeting is a very strong message. We have also decided that the next meeting will take place in Moldova, then in Spain, and then in the United Kingdom.

On a eu hier une importante réunion. Il y a quelques mois, plusieurs voix se sont élevées pour mettre en œuvre cette Communauté Politique Européenne. C’était l’occasion d’échanger en profondeur sur la façon de coopérer pour la paix, pour la sécurité, pour la stabilité. C’est un message de rassemblement qui a été exprimé.

Today we have an important topic on the agenda. This is of course the war in Ukraine.

It’s important to remain united, to remain firm, in support of Ukraine with financial support, with political support, with military support. It’s also important to be very firm in condemning the Russian aggression. We do not recognise, we will never recognise the sham referenda and the illegal annexations. And of course there are collateral effects and consequences.

The energy crisis is a very important challenge we need to address. This occasion, without written conclusions, will help us to go in-depth and, I hope, to take steps in the right direction to identify how we can decide, maybe in the next European Council, on three questions: How we can reduce demand – some steps were taken. That is good. The security of supply – this is fundamental. And the prices, because there is huge pressure on households, on families, on businesses, and for economic development within the EU.  This is fundamental to be able to resolve this fundamental question. We do not have the right to lose time – that is not an option. We need to decide as soon as possible. Thank you.