Review of EU consumer and marketing policy on the agenda of the European Consumer summit 2016

European and national policymakers, researchers and industry experts are meeting today at the 2016 European Consumer Summit in Brussels to discuss how EU consumer and marketing legislation can be streamlined. Vĕra Jourová, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, will speak at the event and give her priorities in the area of consumer policy: “My objective is to create a kind of EU consumer rights code that ensures that the legal provisions are consistent, modern and also future-proof. Our goal is not to scrap or reduce current consumer rights. On the contrary, my overall aim is that: consumers know the rules and make better use of them, businesses better comply with the rules, and authorities in charge of ensuring compliance enforce the rules better.” This year’s Summit will focus on the revision of the EU’s consumer and marketing law as part of the ongoing Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT). Vice-President Ansip will also address the participants on the progress towards the creation of the Digital Single Market: “Consumers are at the heart of our Digital Single Market strategy, and we have already made important advances in the protection of consumer rights online. I am relying on the Parliament and Member States to move forward quickly with our proposals. We will do more in this area: our future is based on data. People generate vast amounts of raw data, often without realising. They should have more control of it and this will be part of our upcoming free flow of data initiative”. Commissioner Jourová will speak about consumer information requirements, fairness of commercial practices and terms as well as better enforcement of EU consumer law. Participants will discuss the topics in further detail in several workshops and case studies. A high-level panel with representatives from national governments, the European Parliament and the European Commission will round up the discussions of the day