Road Transport: European Commission issues explanations on the implementation of Mobility Package 1

Today, the Commission published a first set of ‘Questions and Answers’ on the implementation of certain social provisions within Mobility Package 1. It addresses the most pressing implementation questions raised by the sector and should help transport operators, drivers, enforcers and other actors in the transport operation chain to apply the new provisions correctly. Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, said: “These explanations will help operators and Member State authorities implement the new rules correctly. The sector must have clarity on how to comply with the new provisions in various situations, and enforcers must share the same understanding of the rules in place to ensure compliance.” The ‘Questions & Answers’ refer to those new provisions under Mobility Package 1 that started to apply on 20 August 2020. It will be gradually complemented by further clarifications on the other provisions of the Package where necessary. You can find the ‘Questions and Answers’ here.