Supporting the recovery of the sport sector and addressing the COVID-19 pandemic: Council adopts conclusions

The Council conclusions recommend to member states, the Commission and the sport movement how to address the COVID-19 pandemic in the recovery stage.

The conclusions invite member states to promote the possibilities for support through EU programmes, funds and initiatives, such as the Erasmus+ programme, the European Solidarity Corps, the Corona Response Investment Initiative (CRII), and the Corona Response Investment Initiative Plus (CRII+).

The Commission is invited to regularly inform about possibilities for flexible arrangements regarding the implementation of Erasmus+: Sport, and to reflect on more flexibility mechanisms into future funding programmes in the field of sport.

The conclusions also invite the sport movement to follow the guidelines from competent international bodies and the national health authorities, regarding the prevention and spreading of the COVID-19 virus, and explore possible solutions for the update of the national sport calendars, while taking into consideration the European and the international calendars.

The conclusions were adopted by written procedure.